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Mother's Union





St Peter’s Mothers’ Union is part of the world-wide Mothers’ Union with 4 million members. It is growing rapidly in developing countries and there it operates among the most marginalized societies and supports families in practical ways while encouraging Christian family life.

It makes a huge difference because trained local people who know what is needed develop small-scale enterprises, show how to improve agriculture and run literacy classes and parenting courses.

In this country members support prisoners and women’s refuges, run family contact centres and organise holidays for families who would never otherwise have one.

Here in Hale we raise money for the work overseas and in Cheshire. We run Excursions Unlimited and enjoy our monthly meetings, sometimes with a Christian theme, sometimes not. And regional events give a sense of united purpose.

We need your support for our fund-raising efforts. We need your interest, your prayers and we need help with transport – many members no longer drive.


St Peter’s Mothers’ Union


Branch Leader:           Vacant

Secretary:                   Adrienne Davies, 15 Leigh Road, Hale T: 0161 941 5233

Treasurer:                   Nigel Davies, 15 Leigh Road, Hale T: 0161 941 5233


Programme for 2016

Date and time

Meeting details

Monday 25 January 12.30pm

Lunch followed by AGM and light entertainment

Monday 29 February 2pm

Care of our church’s fabrics

Monday 21 March 2pm

Holy Week Reflection

Monday 25 April 2.30pm

Fundraising Afternoon Tea at a members home

Monday 23 May 2pm

Colours of the Church

Monday 29 June 2pm

St Peter’s Day Reflection

Monday 27 July 2.30pm

Fundraising Strawberry Tea

Monday 26 September 2pm

Desert Island Discs

Bring your favourite music

Monday 31 October 2pm

Seasonal flowers

Monday 28 November 2pm

Advent Reflection

Monday 12 December 2pm

Christmas Social

All meetings are held in the Veranda Room at St Peter’s House at 2pm unless otherwise advised.

Excursions Unlimited takes place every month, usually on the third Thursday but sometimes on the fourth.

Other dates for Deanery and Diocesan events, which usually include Festival Services, a Quiet Afternoon and Fund-raising efforts, will be added when they become known.

To download a copy of the 2016 programme click here.


Mother's Union Prayer

We thank you for your love so freely given to us all.


We pray for families around the world.


Bless the work of the Mothers’ Union


as we seek to share your love


through the encouragement, strengthening


and support of marriage and family life.


Empowered by your Spirit,


May we be united in prayer and worship,


and in love and service


reach out as your hands across the world.


In Jesus’ name.