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There are 11 photo albums.

A rainbow in St Peter's
Here are some wonderful photographs taken as w rainbow appeared on the high altar one sunny day in March 2013.

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Mothering Sunday
Mothering Sunday is a special day at St Peter's and here are some photographs to share with you.

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St Peter's Church in the snow
Wonderful pictures of our church in the January snow.

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St Peter's Church Rededication
After many months of hard work and fundraising the Bishop of Stockport came to rededicate St Peter's on Sunday 6th November 2011. A special evening service was held and the church looked magnificent.

Thank you to everyone who made all the refurbishments possible.

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Harvest 2011
Photos from our harvest celebrations - October 2011

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Chill Factor Sept 2011
Steppyng Stones - St Peter's Youth Group visited Chill Factore for some snow tubing in September 2011...

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Uganda Visit February 2010
A visit by members of St Peter's to the various projects in Uganda which are supported by St Peter's.

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A guided tour of the building
Some photos of the interior and exterior of St Peter's Hale

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Robert Aubwa's visit to Hale
Robert is Headmaster of Naiwakoke College in Uganda which St Peter's supports. He visited Hale (and the UK) for the first time in May 2010.

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St Peter's History
Photographs from Geoffrey Wheeler's Centenary History of St Peter's Hale in 1992

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Fun Day 2009
Some images of St Peter's Fun Day on Saturday June 26th 2009.

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